How Good Is Your Agency's E&O Insurance Policy?

IIABCal provides members with the best overall E&O value in the marketplace – not just a policy, but a comprehensive program that includes multiple markets, expert advice, preferred rates, and premium credits for claims free accounts.  Want to find out more? Let us review your current E&O policy.

SwissRe Quote

UPDATE: A 10% credit on your Swiss Re Corporate Solutions E&O premium may be earned by attending an approved loss control seminar prior to your policy anniversary. The following additional credits are available, up to a maximum total risk management credit of 20 percent:

  • 50% or more of staff attendance = 5% credit available
  • Agency use of a coverage checklist = 5% credit available
  • Voluntary website review with findings implemented = 5% credit available

Attending a seminar won’t just earn you an E&O premium credit, it can increase your agency’s efficiency and reduce your risk of time-consuming claims. For more information, click here.

For more than 50 years, insurance agents and brokers across America have trusted Swiss Re Corporate Solutions to protect their business, reputation and assets. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is proud to be endorsed by the IIABA, IIABCal and all Big “I” state associations nationwide.

Based on our experience and strong commitment to the Agency E&O market, the IIABA-Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Agency E&O program is considered a benchmark in the industry.  Features include:

  • Agency E&O Application for Quote
  • Continuously provided Agents’ E&O coverage since 1960s
  • A Swiss Re Corporate Solutions admitted carrier with solid financial strength “A+” by A.M. Best
  • State & National Association endorsed program for over 25 years
  • Dedicated underwriting team totaling over 300 years of Agents’ E&O experience
  • Claims Service – prompt and thorough claims staff, primarily licensed attorneys who are a resource to assist with any claim or potential incident
  • Local defense counsel experienced in Agents’ E&O claims in your state
  • Program offered countrywide with no prior market withdraws
  • Premium credit of 10% for E&O Loss Control/Risk Management class completion
  • Premium credit up to 20% annually with loss free experience
  • Agency Operations Improvement Review credit of 10% available
  • On-line renewal applications available for ease of completion
  • Automatic Renewals available – No application required!
  • Flexible underwriting for independent insurance agencies of all sizes, including both P&C and L&H-only agencies
  • E&O committee of member agents providing program oversight
  • Experienced E&O program administrators with underwriting authority in your state
  • Prompt underwriting turn-around time and policy delivery
  • Leader in policy innovation and solutions for unique and emerging agency exposures
  • Complimentary access to “E&O Happens” risk management website and the E&O claims Advisor Newsletter
  • First and Third Party Breach of Data coverage included in policy form
  • Agency Umbrella and EPL policies available
  • Various payment plans available to meet your needs
  • Competitive & stable premiums for all agency sizes
  • Check out our Programs Highlights Checklist for even more advantages.

More Information

Program Highlights
Policy Form
Special E&O Pricing
Corporate Solutions Professional Advisory Claims
Corporate Solutions  Liability Insurance
Corporate Solutions Insurance Agency Diverse Program

E&O Applications

Application Standard New & Renewal
Life & Health Underwriting Supplement
Mutal Funds Insurance Securities Product Supplements
Claims Supplement
Additional Entity Supplement
Ownership Change Supplement

Allianz E&O Quick Quote

Allianz has announced a new enchanced E&O policy form exclusively for IIABCal members.  This form is now one of broadest coverages available to Independent Insurance Agents in the market place.  Our appetite has been expanded to include P&C agencies with revenues from $25,000 to $15,000,000. Incidental Life & Health and Employee Benefit Administration activities are now eligible. 

We consider each account on their own operation, individually underwriting and priced to ensure that you are covered for the need of your agency and at a price that reflects the way you do business. 

Coverage Highlights:

  • Admitted/A+ A.M. Best rated
  • Claims Made
  • 1st Party Personal Data Compromise Coverage - $50,000 of coverage with optional higher limits available
  • Coverage for the sale of both P&C and L&H included.
  • Broad definition of covered Professional Services
  • Loss control and Risk Management services coverage
  • First Dollar Defense available
  • Worldwide Coverage*
  • Full Prior Acts available, if eligible
  • Policy limits up to $10,000,000
  • Employee Benefit Plan Administration activities coverage
  • Employee Practices Liability available by endorsement, if eligible
  • Damages include attorney’s fees and costs that may be awarded
  • Automatic 90 day coverage for acquisitions
  • Regulatory defense costs up to $500 per day
  • Specialized experience in claims settlement

New Payment Options 

There are also two new payment options available:  10 payment plan and, for your convenience, Electronic Fund Transfer.  With Electronic Fund Transfer you no longer need to worry about making timely payment instead just sign up linking your checking account and payments will be withdrawn from your accounts when due.  

Underwriting Requirements:

  • Three years industry experience required
  • Retail P&C agency with incidental LAH activites
  • Limited placement through others or low/non-rated carriers

Submission requirements:

  • We can provide an indication based on most current E&O application.  If accepted, a full AGCS application and supporting documents would be required 
  • Current five (5) year loss runs.
  • Resume of principals IF entity has been established less than three (3) years. 

Contact Information

Cooper & McCloskey, Inc.
1981 N. Broadway, Ste. 340
Walnut Creek, CA  94596
415-433-7700 (direct)
415-433-7707 (fax)

Jessi Yap
415-465-8015 (Direct)

Raj Goundar
415-321-7751 (Direct)

*Coverage is not provided in foreign countries where not permitted by law. 
All descriptions of coverage are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the individua policy. 

More Information

E&O Underwriting Guidelines
Frequent Asked Questions
Member Application
Bond Supplemental
Additional Entity Supplemental
Claim Supplemental
Crop Supplemental
EPL Supplemental
Financial Products Supplemental
PEO Supplemental
Data Compromise Supplemental


Your E&O Expert

IIABCal has partnered with professional liability experts, Cooper & McCloskey (CMI), to provide you with the choices and resources you need to manage your E&O insurance. CMI has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with the California insurance agents and brokers professional liability marketplace and can tailor coverage specifically designed for your agency. 

Who To Contact:

Cooper & McCloskey, Inc.
1981 N. Broadway, Suite 340
Walnut Creek, CA  94596
415-433-7700 (direct)
415-433-7707 (fax)

Jessi Yap
415-465-8015 (Direct)

Raj Goundar
415-321-7751 (Direct)

Earn E&O Policy Discounts 

IIABCal and Allianz throughout the year co-sponsor E&O Loss Control Seminars throughout California.  Earn a premium credit on your policy while earning DOI CE credits.   For additional credit, IIABCal offers Errors & Omissions Audit Services for broker/agency offices.  Fees vary by level of audit for this service. For E&O Loss Control Seminars, click here