Innovative Staffing Solutions For Independent Insurance Agencies

WAHVE is an innovative contract talent solution that matches retiring, experienced career professionals with a company’s talent needs. WAHVE bridges the gap between an employer’s need for highly skilled professional talent and seasoned professionals desiring to extend their career working from home. From screening to placement, WAHVE is a comprehensive solution to qualifying, hiring, and managing experienced remote talent.

WAHVE Services

WAHVE provides insurance agencies, insurance carriers and MGAs with:

  • Access to a large talent pool of qualified, highly trained, experienced and technologically savvy insurance industry retirees
  • Talent based in the United States rather than in offshore locations
  • Decades of experience at U.S. insurance agencies, brokerages, insurers and vendors
  • Flexible options – full-time, part-time, projects, mentoring, consulting.

Grow Your Business:

WAHVE helps insurance firms grow their businesses and improve their bottom lines by providing cost-saving:

  • Remote back-office process services on a dedicated full-time or part-time basis
  • Remote full staff positions on a dedicated full-time or part-time basis
  • Remote project work
  • Remote expert mentors to train and guide new employees including producers
  • Experts in all areas of the insurance industry on a consulting basis