IIABCal Members Have Earthquake Insurance Options For Clients

IIABCal's earthquake insurance programs are designed to offer competitive coverage options for California home and condominiums owners, as well as businesses. The programs deliver commercial and residential earthquake insurance products with broader coverage, higher limits and lower deductibles, with competitive rates depending on the location of the risk and age of the dwelling.

Commercial Earthquake Insurance

Online quoting will begin Oct. 1, 2020
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Effective immediately, an Evanston Insurance Company form will be added to all policies issued in the Commercial EQ Program, for both New-Business and Renewals:
Form MECP13260914, Exclusion- Organic Pathogens.

Please direct questions to the Program Administrator, Rhonda Kitchen 415.912.3525

We Are Now Offering Two Additional Payment Options:

Online ACH or Credit CardPayments: Pay Here

Wire/ACH Payment Instructions:

ABA/Routing: 053101121
Bank Name: Branch Banking & Trust
Account Name: CRC Insurance Services, Inc.
For Credit to Account #: 0005202274767
200 West 2nd Street
Winston Salem, NC  27101

Program Highlights:

  • The maximum limits & values are now $5,000,000 (Limits greater than $3,000,000 in Alameda, San Mateo, & San Francisco Counties are on a submit basis).
  • The Program accepts Frame Construction & All Other Construction buildings built 1950 or later. 
  • Tilt-Up & Reinforced Concrete Block Construction dates will remain 1974 or later.
  • Older retrofitted buildings may be accepted on a submit basis with the proper documentation.
  • New business will be effective on the day of receipt of the application and premium, unless a later date is requested. 
  • Program Administrator at CRC Swett is happy to answer any questions at 415-912-3525.
  • The Program underwriter, Evanston Insurance Company, is “A” (Excellent) rated from A.M. Best, and is an approved, non-admitted market.


Program Details For New & Renewal Business: 

  • Program limits $5,000,000 per location/per policy (submit basis for Alameda, San Mateo, San Francisco Counties)
  • Age limitation for wood frame construction: 1950 and newer. Older buildings are considered on a submit-basis with proper retrofit documentation
  • Age limitation for HCB & Tilt-Up Construction Class 1974, "All Other" construction class 1950 and newer
  • Minimum valuation for buildings: $75 per square foot

Perils insured are earth movement, landslide, mudflow and earth sliding if directly caused by earthquake. Submitted on a self-rating application, the program features are:



  • Policy limits to $5 Million for all coverage per location.
  • Coverage available for Buildings, Contents, Rental Income and Business/Interruption/Expense.  15% of policy limit may be allocated to Building Ordinance coverage.  Earthquake Sprinkler leakage on Buildings and Rental Income.
  • Deductible Application- The deductible percentage (choice of 2 deductible options) times the Total Insurable Values per building per occurrence.
  • Coinsurance – contents subject to 90% Coinsurance Percentage
  • Replacement  Cost Valuation

Underwriting Requirements:

  • All Wood Frame construction must be bolted to foundation and built in 1950 or later
  • Hollow Concrete Block construction must be reinforced and built in 1974 or later
  • Concrete Tilt-up built in 1974 or later, “All Other” 1950 or later
  • Retrofitted buildings built prior to the age requirement may be considered on a submit basis with the proper documentation
  • Buildings with Tuck-Under, Subterranean or Under-Building Parking must be classified, rated and meet the eligibility risk characteristics of HCB Construction Class if less than 6 stories, with the exception of building garages or stalls separated by shear walls, which will take the standard construction class rate.

Eligible Occupancies:

  • Commercial Properties and Habitational Structures with 2 units or more
  • State Licensed Residential Care Facilities

Additional Information:

  • Terrorism Coverage - On July 7, 2003 the United States Department of Treasury issued a final rule excluding Earthquake Insurance from participation under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act
  • IIABCal Program has obtained clarification from the California Department of Insurance advising that this program no longer qualifies for participation under TRIA.  Therefore, coverage for Terrorism as provided under TRIA is no longer available for this product.
  • Commission 10%

Requirements To Place Coverage:

  • Fully completed self-rated application dependent on effective date of policy (See available applications below)
  • A copy of the application and signed D1 form are accepted.
  • Application to include all building information, occupancy, loss information and inspection contacts
  • Policy Premium plus $150 Policy Fee, applicable inspection fee, and all applicable surplus lines taxes & fees.
  • Inspection Fee – see page 2 of application “Premium & Fees”

More Information:

Commercial Quake Application  NEW: For Effective Date of 7/1/20 & After
Exclusion Form - Organic Pathogens 
Renewal Information

USGS California/Nevada Earthquake Maps

Contact Information:

Program Administrator Rhonda Kitchen at CRC Group: 415-912-3525, Fax 415-956-1204, Email rkitchen@crcgroup.com.

Residential Earthquake Insurance

Administered by Arrowhead General Insurance Agency and underwritten by QBE Insurance Corporation (“A” Excellent), IIABCal offers Residential and High-Value Residential earthquake programs. Access online rating at Arrowhead Exchange.

  • Quick & Accurate
  • Easy to use & immediate results
  • 24/7 Online accessibility
  • Quotes saved for retrieval
  • Internet connection a requirement – Automatic Updates

​​To see how easy it is to quote, view Arrowhead's  quote video.

Target Risks:

  • Newer structures or retrofitted
  • Built on flat or gently sloping lots with slab or raised concrete foundations

Unique Features:

Special "EQ Plus Endorsement" Available

  • Increases limits for swimming pools and other types of property, in addition to increasing the Loss of Use cap up to $100,000. 


Superior EQ Policy

  • Select Dwelling Limit
  • Other Structures, 10%
  • Contents, 50%
  • Loss of Use, 20% up to $25,000 (up to $100,000 w/EQ Plus endo)
  • Loss Assessments, $10,000
  • 10% or 15% deductible


Standard EQ Policy

  • Select Dwelling Limit
  • Other Structures, N/A
  • Contents, $5,000
  • Loss of Use, $1,500
  • Loss Assessments, N/A
  • 15% Deductible


Condo EQ Policy

  • Dwelling, $25,000
  • Other Structures, N/A
  • Select Content Limits
  • Loss of Use, $2,500
  • Loss Assessments, $5,000
  • 10% Deductible



  • Dwellings - $75,000 minimum to $5 million maximum dwelling replacement limit
  • ​All California counties with the exception of Los Angeles county where the maximum is $3 million
  • Condominiums - $25,000 minimum to $500,000 maximum content limits
  • Any age for dwellings is acceptable provided homes built prior to 1955 have proof of retrofitting. 
  • Condominiums must be built 1960 or newer



  • 10% commission is paid on new and renewal business


High-Value Residential Earthquake Insurance

IIABCal and program partner Arrowhead have a High Value Residential Quake Program.  IIABCal members automatically have access to the High Value market as part of the IIABCal Residential Earthquake Program and receive a one-way addendum when quoting.

IIABCal members simply quote on line as with the Residential Earthquake product underwritten by QBE Insurance Corporation and if applicable receive a High Value Residential Quake quote from the carrier Palomar Specialty Insurance Company.  There is no appointment process and no minimum production requirements.  In addition, there are no additional codes and the submission process is the same.

Arrowhead Exchange Online rating, click here.

  • Quick & Accurate
  • Easy to use and immediate results
  • 24/7 Online accessibility
  • Quotes saved for retrieval
  • Internet connection a requirement – Automatic Updates


Palomar Specialty, Admitted A- (VII) rated carrier by A.M. Best Company, will underwrite the high-value market and offer coverage for the following:

  • Policy limits up to $15 million total insured value for all California Zip Codes
  • Any dwelling age acceptable, provided homes built prior to 1955 have proof of retrofitting
  • Dwellings built prior to 1972 must be properly anchor-bolted to the foundation and cripple walls must be braced with plywood (or equivalent)
  • Residence types must be individually owned with 1-4 family dwellings
  • Dwelling must be made of frame construction
  • Coverage amount must be equal to the underlying dwelling limit
  • All pre-existing earthquake structural damage must be repaired prior to writing coverage


An optional “Plus” Endorsement can be added to the Superior EQ Policy, Featuring:

  • Sub-limit for swimming pool increase to $50,000
  • Loss of use cap increased to a maximum of $200,000


More Information

Residential Quake Form/Application
Residential Quake Underwriting Guidelines
Residential Quake Frequently Asked Questions
High-Value Form/Application
High-Value Underwriting Guidelines
High-Value Marketing Flyer

Contact Information

Answers to specific questions, call Customer Service at 877-233-9722, Fax at 619-881-8456 or Email at reseq@arrowheadgrp.com.  Technical support, 800-333-5553, Ext 6844.Online rating - Arrowhead Exchange www.ArrowheadExchange.com.

Program Underwriters

Residential Earthquake Insurer

QBE is a 130 year old, $15 billion global insurance company, operating in every key insurance market in the world. It offer the unique integration of financial strength, a broad product set and sophisticated capabilities to deliver greater value for our distribution partners and policyholders.

QBE’s superior coverage forms and outstanding claims capabilities serve policy holders locally, nationally and globally. Its highly selective distribution model creates a powerful combination for policy holders who benefit from deep underwriting expertise, exceptional local service, and sound risk management advice.

High-Value EQ Insurer

As an admitted insurance company with an “A-“ (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best Company, Palomar Specialty takes pride in its strong customer and reinsurance relationships, best-in-class catastrophe modeling technology, and our personal commitment to taking a long term view of high-value earthquake risk.