Looking For Comprehensive Programs For Residential & Commercial Lessor's Risk?

IIABCal member agents and brokers have access to comprehensive property and liability coverage programs for Residential & Commercial Lessor's Risk, including:

  • Apartment Lessor's Risk Program Focus: 1,000 units or less
  • Single Family Dwellings, Duplexes, Triplexes, Fourplexes
  • Mixed-use buildings with habitational and commercial exposures.
  • Associations
  • Commercial Lessor's Risk Program Focus: Property owners and Managers of Commercial Lessor's Risk Real Estate
  • Coverage Options: Property, General Liability, Premises Environmental Liability, and $5M Umbrella

Program Highlights:

  • Blanket Property Limits/Automatic Reinstatement - No Aggregate Limits
  • No Coinsurance
  • Built in coverage's such as Building Ordinance and Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage
  • SPFM provides a net quote. Agency has choice to add up to 20% commission to premium or charge a broker fee.


  • $500 million per occurrence for property
  • $1 million/$2 million per occ/agg per location
  • $250,000 each pollution condition with Claims-made policy $20,000 deductible.

Underwriting Requirements:

  • Five-year loss history running 40% or less
  • Water damage claims subject to review and approval

Submission Requirements:

  • Complete SPFM Agency Agreement and submit with copy of license and current evidence of E&O. Agreement available under "Underwriting Guidelines." 
  • Submit Specialty insurance Advantage Supplemental Application or Acord Application. Application available under "Form/Applications." Upon binding, must submit application signed by agent and the insured.
  • Supplemental Questionnaire mandatory and must be submitted with Application. Forms are available under "Supplemental Applications." Upon binding, must submit questionnaire signed by agent and the insured.
  • Five-year hard copy loss run requested; three-year minimum required.
  • State Availability: California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah


  • Westchester Fire Insurance Company is the lead property carrier (admitted A++ XV)
  • Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Company is the lead GL carrier (non-admitted A++ XV)


Specialty Programs & Facilities Managers, Inc., 790 E. Colorado Blvd, Suite 510, Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone: 626-395-0850 - Fax 626-395-0853

Kathleen Turknette -  Phone: 626-395-0263
Email: kathleen.turknette@amwins.com

Alex Eaves - Phone: 626-395-0262
Email: alex.eaves@amwins.com

Claims Contact: Mayra Rodriguez 626-395-0270
Email: mayra.rodriguez@amwins.com

Formal Quotations:

  • Annual Premiums are quoted NET of commission but can be grossed up to include commission
  • Enrollment fees, payable by insured
  • Administration fees, payable by insured
  • Inspection fees, payable by insured - if applicable
  • Exposure basis for premiums
  • Copy of proposed program specifications


Property Limits Disclosure (Group Purchasing)

The specific purpose of Specialty Insurance Advantage, Inc., is to provide insurance funds to purchase property and other insurance coverage on behalf of its members.

The property limits provided in Specialty Insurance Advantage programs are blanket limits with special form coverage for all insured properties written in this program. The blanket limit for the group is $500 million per occurrence with no annual aggregate; property limits are automatically reinstated.

The group purchasing facility obtains property and liability insurance from insurers, some of which are not admitted in California.  With respect to any such insurance, the risk is not protected by an insolvency guaranty fund; and the risk purchasing group or such insurer may be be subject to all insurance laws and regulations.

Evidence of Insurance

Individual policies are not issued to Specialty Insurance Advantage Insured members. However, individual evidences of insurance are issued by SPFM listing the insured member and any additional interests related to the specific property. The evidence of insurance is issued off the master policy placements. Evidences of insurance are to be issued only by SPFM. Copies of the master policies are available for you and the insured member to review upon request.


All Specialty Insurance Advantage programs have an annual effective date of December 31. Any prospective client can become an Insured member mid-term subject to pro-rated or minimum premiums. The Insured member can elect to depart the program mid-year for any reason and the unearned premium would be returned on a pro-rata basis, except where a minimum premium applies. Enrollment, administration and inspection fees are all fully earned and non-refundable.

If coverage is cancelled for non-payment of premium after ten (10) days written notice, coverage will be cancelled on a pro-rata basis, except where a minimum premium applies. Enrollment, administration and inspection fees are all fully earned and non-refundable. Coverage will not be reinstated if the (10) days have lapsed and membership is terminated. No Flat Cancellations Allowed.

Program Features:

SPFM specializes in package insurance programs by providing the most comprehensive property and liability coverage available to Specialty Insurance Advantage members. Program features include:

  • Blanket Property Limits with many "built in" coverages and sub limits designed for property owners & managers.
  • Primary General Liability written first dollar per occurrence per location and in the aggregate.
  • Environmental Coverage including remediation and third party liability
  • $5M Umbrella Coverage also available.


SPFM is the exclusive program administrator for Specialty Insurance Advantage. Functions performed by SPFM for Specialty Insurance Advantage:

  • Coordinating master insurance placements
  • Underwriting
  • Production
  • Coordinating Property Engineering Surveys
  • Premium Audit
  • Accounting
  • Data Processing
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Coordinating Claims Adjustment and Settlement with insurers

Our Program Administrator

Founded in 1997, Specialty Programs & Facilities Managers, Inc. (SPFM), part of AmWINS Group, Inc. is located in Pasadena, California. It conducts business throughout the states of CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA & UT with emphasis in administering insurance programs for Specialty Insurance Advantage. Business is developed solely through leading retail insurance agents and brokers.

SPFM seeks long term, productive relationships with high caliber agents and brokers and promises to reduce frustration and improve your productivity with prompt and reasonable response. At the same time, we will enhance your reputation by providing only the highest level of insurance protection for your clients.

SPFM Proposal Agreement

To maintain consistency in presenting Specialty Insurance Advantage programs and coverages provided, SPFM requires that the agent/broker use SPFM's original quotation when presenting formal proposals to prospective insured members. All SPFM quotations are subject to the following warranty/disclaimer:

Any proposal of insurance is subject to the attached coverage specifications. This information is not to be altered or changed in any way. This proposal must be presented intact to any prospective insured member along with any other proposal of insurance, if presented by your office on our behalf. Agent/Broker understands that he is not an authorized agent for Specialty Insurance Advantage or SPFM, but acting in advisory capacity solely on behalf of his client.