Honoring The Best Agents & Brokers in California's Independent Agency System

IIABCal honors member agents and brokers with a number of awards and scholarships. The most prestigious award that IIABCal bestows on an individual is the Ramsden/Sullivan Memorial Award. In addition and in recognition of emerging leaders with the membership, awards and scholarship are given during the annual Installation Celebration event.


Ramsden/Sullivan Memorial Award 

The Ramsden/Sullivan Memorial Award is conferred in recognition of outstanding and meritorious service contribution or accomplishment by a person benefiting the Independent Insurance Brokers and Agents of California, or insurance in general, whether that person be in agency, brokerage or company ranks, or even conceivably not directly connected with the insurance business. It is the highest honor the Association can bestow. The Award commemorates the memory of Perce Ramsden, one of the stalwarts in the earliest years of the association, and Gene Sullivan, long-time (1956-1981) and impactful Executive Director of Western Association of Insurance Brokers (IIABCal’s predecessor).  

No normal rules for eligibility should be set up, and a contest or competition would be inappropriate. Therefore, nomination shall be made by a committee of three: namely, the incumbent President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Association who each year have unparalleled opportunities to meet and observe association members and others who are leaders in insurance activities. If and when this committee has nominated a person, its chairman shall appoint as additional members not more than three members of the Board of Directors to review and discuss the selection. A majority vote of the entire committee shall then make the selection final.   

If in any year there should be no worthy recipient, withholding the award will enhance its distinction when made. 

Incumbent officers and directors shall not be eligible for the Award until they have completed their service. 

P. S. W. Ramsden

Perce Ramsden was one of the true stalwarts in the early years of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of California, with a lifetime distinguished by high ethics and professional conduct as an insurance agent. Mr. Ramsden helped set the course that enabled the association to become the leading proponent of the American agency system in the west.

Mr. Ramsden is one of the few individuals to have served as president of the two state independent agents association--Utah and California.

In addition, he served as president of the Oakland Association of Insurance Agents. In fact, it was the Oakland Association which created the idea for this award and proposed it to the then California Association of Insurance Agents in 1959. 

Eugene J. Sullivan

Gene Sullivan served as executive director of the Western Association of Insurance Brokers and its predecessor organizations from 1956 to 1981.

In addition, he served as the brokers' legislative advocate in Sacramento, and supported WAIB's legislative interests until the Agents and Brokers Legislative Council (ABL) came into being.

During his 25-year career with WAIB, he participated in a number of important industry developments and authored a text on products liability entitled Products Liability: Who Needs It?

Born in San Francisco and educated at the University of San Francisco, Mr. Sullivan served in the Navy during World War II, attaining the rank of lieutenant commander.

Anthony J. DiBuduo Award  

This award is to be presented annually to the most outstanding young broker or agent in an IIABCal state based on his or her record of exemplary service to community or association and participation in IIABCal or IIABA political action programs. The award is given in memory of Anthony J. “Cheech” DiBuduo, founder of DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance Group headquartered in Fresno, and a longtime business, industry and association leader at local, state and national levels. Throughout his distinguished career, DiBuduo was a champion and mentor of young agents and brokers. He also set a standard of unparalleled commitment to the political action programs of both IIABCal and IIABA.   

A DiBuduo Award recipient must be a licensed producer in an IIABCal state for two or more years and under forty years of age at the time the award is presented. He or she must have demonstrated the drive to increase professional expertise. 

The selection committee is comprised of the IIABCal Executive Committee who will review the nominations and make their recommendation to the Board of Directors. The award recipient is selected from among nominees submitted by local associations or individual members. The entire IIABCal Board of Directors must ratify the person selected by a unanimous vote.  Current committee members are not eligible for the award until their committee service is completed. It is presented at the annual IIABCal Board Installation.   

The DiBuduo Award includes a $2,500 stipend that the deserving recipient may utilize as he or she sees fit to continue the good works acknowledged by the award. 

Bushnell Memorial Fund 

The Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Los Angeles (IIABLA) created the Bushnell Memorial Fund to provide two $1000 scholarships to college students at any accredited US university who are majoring in insurance and are nominated by IIABCal members. A.N. Bushnell, Jr. was a leader in insurance education and a president of the IIABLA as well as the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of California, a predecessor organization to IIABCal.   

At the request of IIABLA, IIABCal assumed responsibility for the administration and direction of the Bushnell Memorial Fund.In order to maximize investment return, IIABCal may invest the memorial fund in a duly authorized Segregated Funds Investment Account set up for this purpose and interest earned thereon shall be credited to the fund balance.    

The Executive Committee will review nominations and present a recommendation for Board approval by unanimous vote. Applicants for the Bushnell Memorial Scholarships must complete an application and demonstrate their commitment to a career in the field of insurance. Recipients will be announced during the Board Installation event.  


Bobby Acquistapace Memorial Award 


The IIABCal Board of Directors established the Bobby Acquistapace Memorial Award Fund from contributions made by several local associations, including Central Coast and Monterey Bay. The award is named after Central Coast Past President, Robert “Bobby” Acquistapace. 

The proceeds of the Fund shall be maintained in a Segregated Funds Investment Account established for this purpose and interest earned shall be added to the Fund balance. 

The proceeds of the Fund are to be used to provide three (3) $1,000 scholarships annually. The award is presented at the Board Installation. 

IIABCal Local Associations are eligible to nominate one local association member annually for consideration. Nomination criteria shall include, but not be limited to, the individual’s Local Association service and desire to further their insurance career. The deserving recipient may utilize the $1,000 scholarship to strengthen their membership engagement with IIABCal, including but not limited to: IIABCal membership dues payment; attend an IIABCal conference or education/training session; sponsor an event or education/training session. The IIABCal Board of Directors must ratify the recipients by unanimous vote. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of awards given, then the IIABCal Executive Committee will review the nominations for selection and then present their recommendations to the Board of Directors for unanimous vote.  

National Presidents Fund

The board established the National Presidents Fund to honor members of the association who have served as president of an affiliated national association. As the Fund grows, additional scholarships may be added. The proceeds of the Fund shall be maintained in a Segregated Funds Investment Account established for this purpose and interest earned thereon shall be added to the fund balance. 



Harlan Miller and David “Bud” Wilson Award 

This award honors and recognizes the outstanding service of Harlan Miller and David “Bud” Wilson as past IIABCal Presidents and as IIABA Presidents. Both men generously gave their time to benefit the California and national independent insurance agency landscape. The purpose of this award is to promote activism by increasing California representation at the IIABA Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. 

This award is presented annually at the IIABCal Board installation event to a member with less than 10 years’ experience who desires to attend the IIABA Legislative Conference. The award is in the form of a $2500 stipend to be used towards expenses of attending the Conference (i.e. travel, lodging, registration) and expenses must be documented with receipts in order for the stipend to be issued. The award winner must use the stipend within 3 years of winning or the earmarked funds shall be returned to the segregated account for future winners. The Executive Committee will review nominations and make a recommendation to the Board for unanimous vote.   









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