Will You Help Us Restore The Property Insurance Market?

SACRAMENTO, CA, Feb. 3, 2023 - IIABCal has launched a major legislative offensive to restore a vibrant, competitive property insurance market. IIABCal is sponsoring legislation that would create powerful incentives for insurers to resume writing and renewing property insurance policies in California.

In order to succeed, IIABCall members must tell lawmakers in simple terms how consumers are being severely harmed by non-renewals, cancellations, marketplace withdrawals, coverages reductions, and exponential price increases.  

How Are You And Your Customers Being Harmed?

Please complete the 2023 IIABCal Property Survey and let us know if you or your clients might be willing to offer legislative testimony later this year. 

Questions? Contact IIABCal General Counsel Steve Young at 925-426-3314 or  syoung@iiabcal.org.