Office Beacon Joins IIABCal

PLEASANTON, CA, Dec. 5, 2022 -  One of the largest remote staffing firms to thousands of businesses throughout the world has joined forces with IIABCal as an associate member.  For more than 20 years, Office Beacon has outsourced full-time employees so companies can focus on developing their businesses. With offices in the United States, Canada, India, the Philippines, Uruguay, and Australia, Office Beacon offers dedicated remote staffing expertise to a plethora of industries. Office Beacon provides numerous backoffice services. One of the key industries Office Beacon serves is the Insurance Industry.

In welcoming Office Beacon to IIABCal, President Bob Teshima said "OB" has joined a growing list of associate members that can help member agents and brokers enhance their competitve edge and client resources through state-of-the-art products and services.

What Does OB Do?

With more than two decades of experience in providing outsourcing services and software, Office Beacon offers businesses numerous options when it comes to choosing a virtual assistant. You can run your business on the go and work from anywhere. We offer resources catering to the following fields:

Advertising and Marketing/ Apparel/ Automotive/ Construction and Building Materials/ Ecommerce/ Education/ Electronics/ Engineering/ Entertainment/ Finance/ Food and Beverage/ Government/ Healthcare/ Hospitality/ Insurance/ Legal/ Manufacturing/ Marketing/ Media/ SociNot For Profit/ Packaging/ Printing/ Professional Services/ Promotional Services/ Publishing/ Real Estate/ Recreation/ Retail/ Shipping and Logistics/ Sports/ Technology/ Telecommunications/ Travel and Cruises/ Wholesale

Wearing too many hats, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for simple solutions to manage their businesses. In addition to providing virtual services across the entire business spectrum, Office Beacon has its very own productivity and communication software, Flowz. The platform enables teams to connect and collaborate on projects.

The software platform allows clients to set up calls, and in-house video conferences, and manage workflows and projects with staff from different locations.

Who At The Helm of OB?

Founded by Pranav Dalal 22 years ago. Office Beacon’s mission is to deliver high-quality outsourced business services and software. According to Pranav, “Office Beacon’s service delivery provides a competitive advantage to our customers who require talented staff to facilitate growth and scalability.”

What Does OB Offer?

Office Beacon offers a vast array of services across the entire industry spectrum, including virtual Insurance Support Representatives. Office Beacon staff work in tandem with insurance companies’ sales teams and other key staff members. They are experienced professionals who perform back office work such as documentation, processing, indexing, filing; billing and invoicing, database creation, and client management among other duties. 

How Does The System Work?

Once a client will sign the agreement, Office Beacon Human Resources will outsource candidates and the onboarding process begins once the virtual assistant is hired. It is important to note that we go to great lengths to ensure your privacy and confidentiality are never compromised. From signing iron-clad agreements to implementing layers of thorough security protocols, OB takes every measure to guarantee your data security.

WhyJoin IIABCal?

"With the massive consolidation that is happening in the insurance industry where big companies are buying smaller companies, the remaining smaller firms will need to up their game to become more efficient to compete effectively," Dalal said. "Office Beacon offers a complete range of services that will enable them to operate efficiently. From Insurance Support Representatives, Human Resources experts, Marketing Assistants, and Customer Service Specialists to Website Developers, our extensive offerings of Virtual Assistant services will ensure that all your back office needs are catered to whilst their staff focuses on increasing their sales."

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