IIABCal Welcomes New Associate Member - kamillio

PLEASANTON, CA, March 1, 2022 - IIABCal is excited to welcome its newest associate member, kamillio, an InsurTech company providing a digital SaaS Insurance Agency platform, focused on increasing productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of agency teams of any size.

kamillio is a one-stop-shop and turn-key platform which provides online quoting, lead generation, leads distribution, a built-in CRM, comparison rating, reporting & analytics, and above all, an open API, which means that virtually any digital tools and systems that agencies use can be plugged into kamillio, so the agents have all their tools in one place, at their fingertips.  Think AMS connections, ACORD form integration, Office365, payment gateways, chatbots, automated email integration, digital phone systems, rating services, and much more.

"We are thrilled to welcome an internationally focused company like kamillio to join IIABCal", IIABCal Chief Executive Officer Clark Payan said. "The kamillio platform is changing the digital landscape for Independent insurance agents and brokers, whether they are technologically advanced or whether they are still going through a digital transformation. Kamillio serves any agency or brokerage".

Experience & Expertise

"Before we pivoted to becoming a full InsurTech company, we were an insurance agency ourselves", kamillio's Founder & CEO Morgan Girouard said. "We learned first-hand how challenging it can be for agents to sell personal and commercial insurance by using a multitude of systems, tools, screens, and portal logins. We knew there could be a better way to sell insurance as an agency, and that's when we started developing kamillio, for ourselves at first".

Why Join IIABCal?

"Experience and research shows that many insurance agencies in California and elsewhere may not have a full digital strategy, and are still going through a digital transformation. We would like to help them with that, by offering this plug-and-play platform which allows agencies to consolidate a plethora of systems, tools and subscriptions, to become more efficient, to cut costs, reduce risk, and to boost revenue. After landing some initial deals in California, it made sense for us to join IIABCal and offering kamillio to its agency members as a means for them to take advantage of the kamillio platform", says kamillio's co-founder and COO Rob McPherson. 

What Are the Most Important Issues Facing the Industry Today?

"Especially for small and medium-size agencies, it is challenging to keep up with Technology. Younger generations expect to be able to buy insurance online, or at least to submit a quote request through their insurance agency's website. Agencies lose business if they don't get with the times. It's as simple as that. In order to secure future business, with existing and new clients, a digital strategy is essential for insurance agencies and brokerages", says Martijn Vrugteman, kamillio's Director of Partnerships. "We make it really easy for them, full stop".

The Biggest Opportunities For Independent Agents 

"Online lead generation, exposure and visibility are key in this day and age. There is still an early majority advantage to be had. Driving traffic to an agency's website is only half the deal. Once a prospect client hits that website, what's next? That's where intelligent lead generation, automated lead distribution and fast lead follow up comes in. Also, auto-renewals of existing policies make life a lot easier for agents. Kamillio enables and facilitates all that, and more", says kamillio's Chief Data Officer Doruk Yolacan.

kamillio Resources

Martijn Vrugteman, Director of Partnerships & Business Development, is your first point of contact for a no-strings-attached conversation and kamillio demo, and can assist IIABCal member agents and brokers with any questions they might have about kamillio and how they can benefit from this unique platform.  For more information on kamillio, visit kamillio.com.