Programs Available

The V3iconnect Comp Program is a state of the art internet Based Workers’ Compensation program designed for single and multi-state risk with full on-line quote and bind capabilities.

Small to medium sized employers, With premium ranges between $5,000.00-$200,000.00 .
V3 accepts New Ventures in all industries other than Construction.
Experience mods between 0.75 and 1.69 - other mod ranges is a referral
Wide range of industries including but not limited to construction, servicing and manufacturing

Commission Rate

Commission rate is 8% new and renewal

Market Availability

The is a nationwide program that is available in all states except Alabama

Agency Agreement

The V3 agency agreement is between Independent Market Solutions (IMS) and the carrier. When you agree to and e-sign the subproducer agreement during this application process, you also agree to the instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures contained in the agency agreement.

Read the Agency Agreement