Programs Available

Auto- Personal NEW: 10%

Auto- Personal REN: 8%

Motorcycle NEW: 13%
Motorcycle REN: 8%
Boat NEW: 8%
Boat REN: 8%
Recreational Vehicle NEW: 8%
Recreational Vehicle REN: 8%
Snowmobiles NEW: 8%
Snowmobiles REN: 8%

Market Availability

Progressive is making appointments across the state of CA and will assess each agency opportunity to determine appointment status.

Agents must write two auto policies per month.
Agency must have access to three or more auto carriers. At least 1 of those appointments must be with a preferred carrier. Production and Loss Ratio reports will be required with submission.
Agency must have 1 year agency ownership experience (This can be with a different agency)
Must be in good standing with Progressive
Must not have been previously terminated by Progressive
Applicant must operate and maintain a storefront or retail location for their operation

**Please make sure you provide a complete list of agency staff on the web application, where applicable, and to email where additional information is required and not available to provide on the web application. Agency directory- This includes a list of all licensed owners, producers, agents, brokers and CSR’s for the agency.

Agency Agreement
Please email for a copy of the agreement.