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IIABCal's endorsed program partner, Chubb, has built and maintained a reputation for more than 150 years as one of the world’s preeminent insurers – providing innovative coverage and unrivaled service for owners of fine homes, collections, automobiles and watercraft.  Over its history, Chubb has maintained an unwavering focus on its core values of financial strength and exceptional claims service.  For those with more to insure, and more to lose, Chubb can help provide genuine peace of mind.

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Alan R. Kimberling
Senior Agency Sales Manager -Northern California, Personal Risk Services
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San Francisco CA , 94104
Mobile: 916.216.9407
Email: alan.kimberling@chubb.com

Who Values Chubb Personal Insurance?

  • Owners of distinctive homes with unique features
  • Drivers passionate about their vehicles and the protection of their families
  • Collectors of jewelry, fine art, antiques, wine and classic cars
  • Owners of fine watercraft of all sizes, including mega yachts
  • Families with substantial assets to protect in need of high liability limits

Chubb understands what your clients expect when it comes to insurance:

  • Broad coverage written in plain language with fewer exclusions
  • Polices that give your clients choices
  • Experienced, consultative loss control services
  • Service that receives consistently high marks
  • No surprises and a fast, “no quibbling” approach when it comes to claims handling

The fact is, not all insurance companies can meet these expectations.  Day in, day out, Chubb endeavors to provide coverage and service beyond your clients’ expectations.

Masterpiece® Deluxe Homeowners, Condo, Co-op, City Home and Vacation Home

Masterpiece® is the industry standard for all-risk policies, offering characteristically broad coverage and high limits of personal liability, backed by an unrivalled commitment to service and claims excellence.

Click the links below to watch videos outlining the many Chubb product advantages:

The Value of Your Homeowners Policy

Masterpiece® Auto Preference and Collector Car Insurance

Automobile coverage from Chubb Personal Insurance is definitely not mass market.  While competitively priced, Personal Automobile and Collector Car contracts are characterized by broader coverages and higher limits than those found in most mass market policies.

In many cases, discounts are also available when clients have both Chubb Homeowners and Automobile policies.

Click below for information on the advantages of a Chubb Automobile policy.

Chubb Advantage: The Real Deal About Auto Insurance
Chubb Advantage: Understanding Automobile Insurance
Chubb Advantage: The Real Deal About Collector Car Insurance
Chubb Advantage: Choose The Right Collector Car Insurance


Recreational Marine Insurance

Chubb began its history as a marine insurer and thoroughly understands the perils present in both inland waterways and the high seas.  Protecting boaters and their vessels whether they are 20 or 200 feet, requires exceptional coverage, sophisticated knowledge, experience and a degree of creativity. Chubb provides all this and much more through our industry leading Yachtsman/Boatsman Policy. 

Chubb Masterpiece® Deluxe House Coverage

Chubb's Deluxe House coverage is designed expressly for distinctive or custom homes and their owners. With Chubb, your clients will have more choices and more control over the insurance process, industry-leading service, and features not usually found in other policies, such as:

  • Complimentary Home Appraisal. In many cases, a professional appraiser will visit your client’s home to note any special architectural details and interior features, and help determine the amount of coverage needed. The appraiser also can provide security and fire prevention advice, and suggest ways to protect your client’s valuables. No fees are involved. Click here to learn more about Chubb’s appraisal services.
  • Rebuilding Costs. Chubb’s extended replacement cost coverage option will pay to have your client’s home rebuilt in the event of a covered total loss, even if the cost is greater than the amount of coverage listed on the policy. In California, Chubb’s extended replacement cost pays up to 100% more than the amount of coverage shown in the policy. Most policies will pay only up to the policy amount, even if rebuilding costs exceed that amount. 
  • Rebuilding To Code.  If your client rebuilds, they may be required to follow current, more stringent building codes for things like electrical wiring or plumbing. This could result in significant expenses. After a covered loss, Chubb will pay these additional costs if your client builds on the same location.
  • Cash Settlement. To rebuild or not to rebuild-the decision is your clients’. In certain circumstances, if your client decides not to rebuild after a total covered loss, they can opt for a cash payment up to the policy limit. It's their home, their policy, their choice.
  • Additional Living Expenses. After a covered loss, Chubb will cover the increase in your client’s temporary living expenses while their home is being rebuilt. This feature will help them maintain their normal standard of living until their home is ready.
  • Full Replacement Costs For Contents. Under Chubb's full replacement cost coverage option, your client’s belongings are covered for the cost to replace them. There are no deductions and no depreciation. 

Masterpiece® HomeScan®

Masterpiece HomeScan is a complimentary consultative service available to Chubb Homeowner policyholders that uses cutting-edge, infrared camera technology to help identify moisture problems and potential fire hazards in your client’s home.  Infrared technology detects problems that are developing behind the walls or in the ceiling – even before you see them- which helps reduce the chance of potentially devastating losses to your client’s home and personal possessions.

Click here for the HomeScan video

Signature Suite

Chubb Signature clients have particularly complex risk management needs and Chubb’s Signature Suite of concierge level services are available to meet them.  Key benefits of the program include:

  • Travel security
  • Personal Staff Management
  • Personal Security, Safety and Identity Theft Management
  • Valuable Collections Management

Valuable Articles and Collections

Whether a client’s passion is jewelry, fine art, antiques or nearly any other collectable, Chubb Personal Insurance has the right coverage, sufficient limits and the long-standing expertise to help protect what many prize the most.

Chubb insures some of the world’s largest and most significant collections and can insure schedules of nearly any size.

Click below for information on the advantages of a Chubb Valuable articles policy.

Chubb Advantage: Why You Need a Chubb Valuable Articles Policy For Your Jewelry and Collections
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Chubb Advantage: Understanding Valuable Articles Insurance

Complimentary In-home Appraisals

Chubb offers complimentary home appraisals for many of the homes that they insure. A home appraisal can help your client to:

  • Estimate the cost to rebuild the home in its entirety
  • Document features of their home with measurements, photos, and a detailed description, which serve as a permanent record in the event of a loss.
  • Provide suggestions to reduce the potential for fire, flood, and other causes of loss, including the risk of damage from wildfire, hurricane, earthquake or other natural disasters.

Click here for the Chubb Appraisal video


Complimentary Chubb Wildfire Defense Solutions

Chubb offers a unique additional layer of possible protection from the threat of wildfires as part of Masterpiece® homeowners coverage in select states and jurisdictions.  Chubb works with Wildfire Defense Systems, a leading fire management organization, to deploy unique loss mitigation services to the properties of enrolled policyholders when a wildfire threatens, that could save a home from a devastating wildfire loss.

To find out more about this unique Chubb advantage, please click here: Chubb Wildfire Defense Solutions

Group Personal Excess Liability

Chubb Personal Insurance offers a unique employee benefit that allows employers to help their key employees or partners protect their hard-earned assets – at competitive group rates.

Many individuals are aware that a personal excess or “umbrella” policy is necessary to cover their personal assets at the appropriate limit.  A Group Personal Excess Liability program from Chubb Personal Insurance allows employers to offer these “umbrella” policies to select employees or partners at lower rates than most individual excess policies, with potentially higher available limits and fewer underwriting questions.

Masterpiece® Employment Practices Liability Coverage

Masterpiece® Employment Practices Liability Coverage can address your clients' specific liability needs if they currently employ five or fewer employees at all residential locations, and carry $5 million or more personal or excess liability insurance with Chubb. This coverage helps protect your client if they are accused of wrongful termination, sexual harassment or employment discrimination. For more EPL product information, click here.

Chubb Masterpiece® Auto Preference®

Smart solutions for better cars. Your client didn't choose an ordinary car. Why insure it with a mass-market policy?  If your client is in an accident and their car is damaged beyond repair, there's a good chance that a cut-rate policy won't cover the cost of acquiring a new car. Is your client prepared to pay the difference?

They shouldn't have to. Masterpiece® Auto Preference® offers you coverage that can save your client substantial out-of-pocket costs and options that give them more control over their insurance.

  • Agreed Value Option. Your client and Chubb can agree on a value and lock it in for a full year. That's the exact amount your client will receive if their car is stolen or totaled in a covered loss. Never mind the "book" value. Chubb even waives the deductible. No haggling, no depreciation, no deductible, no problem.
  • Up to $5,500 Loss-of-use Coverage.  If your client’s car is disabled because of a covered loss, Chubb will pay the costs of renting a vehicle similar in size to your client’s car. If a covered loss occurs more than 50 miles away from their nearest residence, we'll also cover reasonable meals, lodging and telephone expenses. There is no per-day maximum and no time limit.
  • Rental Car Damage Coverage. When your client rents a car, they’ll be automatically covered for damage to rental vehicles they drive and for other damage expenses the rental company may charge them, which can be substantial. There's no additional charge for the coverage and no deductible. Other auto policies typically cover only physical damage, usually with a deductible.

It's insurance for people who know cars and understand money.  Click here to learn more about ChubbMasterpiece Auto Preference.

Condos, Co-Ops & Renters

A Homeowners Policy for Condominiums, Co-operatives and Renters

Conventional wisdom may say that condominium owners and renters only need to insure their personal belongings. After all, your client doesn't own the walls. But Chubb suggests that your client check their lease or the by-laws of their association.

Your client may in fact need to insure aspects of his dwelling, such as: additions and alterations, floor coverings, built-in bookcases, bathroom fixtures and the like. Chubb's Deluxe Condominium, Cooperative and Renters policies will provide the coverages he won't usually find in other policies, such as:

  • All-risk coverage. Standard policies only provide coverage for a few causes of loss, but Chubb provides all-risk coverage to help protect your client against many types of perils, except for those listed as exclusions, such as flood and nuclear war.
  • Full replacement costs for contents. Your client can choose Chubb's full replacement cost coverage for her belongings. No deductions, no depreciation.
  • Additions and alterations. Chubb will insure additions and alterations to your client's unit for up to 10% of his contents limit automatically. Higher limits of coverage are available as well.
  • Coverage for unit assessments. If there's an assessment charged to all unit owners as a result of a covered loss, Chubb will pay up to $50,000 of your client's share in most cases.
  • More coverage for cherished items.  Chubb provides higher special limits than a standard policy for jewelry, silver, furs, and money or bank notes.  For example, while a typical policy offers only up to $1,000 for jewelry, silver and furs, Chubb covers your client for up to $5,000 per category.