A New Era … My Agency Campus!

Over the past several years, IIABCal and our education program partner has been providing new hire training solutions to our member agents and brokers. 

Since the beginning, we gained new insights about preferences along the way. 

Today’s learners are seeking instant, easy-to-access learning. 

Announcing: My Agency Campus providing a range of online course offerings including:

•  Insurance Coverage Basics
•  Training by Job Role
•  Business Skills
•  Supervisor Training, and more!

The courses provide:

  • Proven content that is fully narrated, on-demand and interactive
  • Final assessment at the end of each course to test your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion issued after successful completion of curriculum
  • Transcripts for students to track and print
  • Access for 4-months per individual to the selected curriculum

What’s new?  Upgraded Buyer Experience and Learner Experience!

✓ New Bundles Available Tailored by Job Role

✓ Easy Navigation

✓ New Learning System

✓ Fast, Efficient, Intuitive

✓ Extremely User Friendly

For more information and IIABCal member pricing discounts, visit  myagencycampus.com.