Modules Build Skills For Successful Client Interactions

Account Managers need excellent client relations and communication skills so the modules on Business Communication, Client Management Essentials, and Advanced Communication and Negotiation, help build the necessary skills to lead successful client interactions. 

The Commercial and/or Personal Lines Basics eLearning courses will also build their fluency of insurance terms to be able to assist clients.

Client Management Essentials
Descriptions of the 6 Client Management courses

Business Communication Fundamentals
Description of the 5 Business Communication courses

CSR Essentials - Personal Time Management

Video On Demand: The Time Management Workshop: Strategies for Managing Priorities, Improving Productivity and Achieving Your Goals begins with an attendee pre-class assignment to identify the core responsibilities of their role and how their time is allocated each week (i.e. - administration, customer service, marketing/placement, fact-gathering and decision-making and new business.) 

CSR Essentials - Relationship Management

Video On Demand: This class will give you the skills needed to build successful relationships with your co-workers, managers and clients. Throughout the workshop, you will complete case studies and skill reinforcement activities that will ensure the learning stays with you. 

CSR Essentials - Verbal Communications Skills: Phone Etiquette & Client Interaction 

Video On Demand: This webcast is designed to address the specific challenges that your company's staff faces when delivering difficult messages to your customers.  Through these tough situations, we know that your goal is to create a satisfying outcome and to retain a customer for your company. At times, we become mired so deep in the emotions of a specific transaction that we lose sight of controlling the situation.  These are challenges for you to exercise your talents and skills creatively by applying proven techniques.

Relational Intelligence - The Key to Great Customer Service

Video On Demand: Today’s leaders are defined by their ability to relate to staff’s needs and manage adverse situations that- if handled poorly- could cause irreparable harm. This course will help explain the concept of relational intelligence, why it matters and its role in resolving conflict.

The Ultimate Account Manager: Part One - Characteristics of the Ultimate Account Manager

Video On Demand (No CE)  & Live Webcasts (2 CE Credits)Upon completing this session, students will be able to understand the three components of outstanding customer service: desk management, client management, and risk management; recognize the characteristics that make a person an outstanding service associate; and describe the customer service triad: skills, knowledge and commitment.

The Ultimate Account Manager: Part Two  - The Insurance Marketplace

Video On Demand (No CE) & Live Webcasts (2 CE Credits)Upon completing this session, students will be able to: describe insurance market cycles and their importance in managing a client’s account; explain the current status of the insurance marketplace to customers and others; describe the basics of underwriting, including what role the underwriter plays, what their information needs are, and why accurate underwriting information is important for client account management; and understand the organizational structure of the modern independent insurance agency.

The Ultimate Account Manager: Part Three -  Desk Management, Risk Management

Video On Demand (No CE) & LIve Webcasts (2 CE Credits):  Upon completing this session, students will be able to: recognize the fundamentals of successful desk management and how that relates to extraordinary customer service; and explain the basics of the risk management process, including exposure identification and alternatives to traditional insurance arrangements. 

Managing Perceptions and the Customer Experience

Video On Demand: How do a majority of consumers perceive the insurance industry? What is the reason for this perception? This course dives into the stereotypes, why they exist and how an agency can  separate itself by providing a stellar customer experience.