IIABCal Welcomes New Associate Member - Samuel Hale

PLEASANTON, CA, Oct. 27, 2022 - IIABCal is excited to announce its newest associate member, Samuel Hale, a California workers’ compensation Employer Carve-out Organization (ECO) that helps protect California employers from the unpredictable and high employment cost due to fraud and litigation in workers’ compensation claims. Created in 2016, the company is dedicated to eliminating fraud and unnecessary litigation in work comp claims and reducing clients’ insurance premiums.  Leveraging Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to manage claims outside of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB), Samuel Hale utilizes a carve-out agreement in the labor code to eliminate dispute costs.

Why Join IIABCal?

“Samuel Hale is the only organization sharing this state-approved program with California businesses, and we believe IIABCal offers the best marketing and event teams to further promote our ADR program to the broker community.” said Justin Danz, Vice President of Sales.  “We look forward to building new broker relationships and meeting agents and brokers in person at IIABCal events.”

What is the most important issue(s) facing the industry today?

According to Danz, Samual Hale identified three important issues facing the insurance industry:

  • A Hardening Market:  Lingering effects from COVID-19 and a workers’ comp market that may appear steady today, but it has hit bottom and the market is hardening.  2023 will be telltale.
  • Illegitimate Comp Programs:  Due to the high costs of California workers’ comp coverage, clients consider moving into illegitimate programs that put their business at risk. For those who move into such programs, stability is lost and potentially, any single claim could bankrupt a business overnight.
  • Move to Temp Staffing:  It’s become common business for California companies to move to a temp staffing workforce environment. When this happens it takes money out of the brokers pockets and businesses discover lack of loyalty, and the high-cost of turnover and training.

What are the biggest opportunities for independent insurance agents?

"Strengthening and lengthening client relationships is the biggest opportunity for independent insurance agents and brokers today," Danz said. "This includes building strategic solutions for various industries with various needs.  In California, the cost of employment has become so unmanageable that businesses leave the state or go out of business in a blanket of debt.

"Samuel Hale offers a solution that reduces employment costs and puts control back into the hands of California business owners," he said. "Because of this, we believe we’re one of the best opportunities to strengthen and lengthen the broker/client relationship."

For more information on Samual Hale, visit its website at samuelhale.com.