IIABCal Welcomes New Associate Member - Linchpin

PLEASANTON, CA, March 24, 2022 - IIABCal is excited to welcome its newest associate member, Linchpin, an insurtech company that provides automation and integration solutions for operations, accounting, and other processes that affect insurance agencies, clusters, and aggregators.

Linchpin was born in 2015 out of Founder Grant Hester’s desire to create solutions that are specifically designed for the insurance industry and that function the way agencies, producers, and account managers need them to.

“First and foremost, Linchpin is a company that is deeply dedicated to the insurance industry,” said Linchpin Founder and CEO Grant Hester. “We are different from other insurtech companies, in that our attention is centered on supporting insurance businesses in solving their operational challenges — whatever those unique challenges may be.” 

The entire team at Linchpin is focused on earning clients’ trust and exceeding their expectations. With a vision to be more than just a managed service provider, Linchpin strives to be a trusted partner with a vested interest in the success of each and every client. 

Why Join IIABCal?

“The decision to join the IIABCal centers on Linchpin’s belief that when you align with other like-minded leaders in the insurance industry, mutually beneficial partnerships are formed that can improve business outcomes for the clients we all strive to serve,” said Hester. “We are thankful to be part of IIABCal and look forward to connecting with independent agents across California.”

The Most Important Issues Facing the Industry Today

“We live in a time when insurance businesses want to expand their use of technology to help streamline processes by way of automation. I mean, no insurance business ever said they wish to spend more time every month reconciling direct bill statements or correcting tedious data entry errors,” Hester said. “We help insurance businesses push past automation challenges and issues that for far too long have been ongoing hurdles to adopting insurtech capabilities.”

The Biggest Opportunities for Independent Agents 

“Today’s technology is providing growing opportunities for insurance businesses to focus more on acquisition, retention and staying ahead of the competition and less on the day-to-day administrative processes. To accomplish this, however, requires knowing where to start and how to implement the technology and getting the much-needed ongoing support throughout the entire process. That’s where Linchpin comes in,” said Hester.    

Linchpin Resources

Linchpin is a national insurtech firm that serves the technology and automation needs of the insurance industry. We are proud to be a North America-based company with representation across the U.S., led by team members who are dedicated to the insurance space. If you don’t have time to deal with automating your insurance business, we can help you get your (tech) ducks in a row. 

Join us for an IIABCal Associate Member spotlight webinar titled, "Why You Should Care About Cybersecurity," where Linchpin's Hester will review crucial background elements needed to support your agency's security infrastructure while learning about practical tools that can make a huge impact on reducing the risk of a cyberattack within your agency.  To register for the April 26th webinar, click here. To learn more about Linchpin, visit linchpin-it.com.