IIABCal Welcomes New Associate Member Sensor Industries

PLEASANTON, CA, Jan. 20, 2022 - IIABCal welcomes its newest associate member, Sensor Industries (SI), a leading IoT company providing leak detection and alerts, water/energy conservation, and operational efficiency to owners and residents of multi-unit commercial properties. 

"SI’s proprietary Mesh wireless network powers a vast collection of sensors that monitor and report on a wide array of environmental conditions to improve building systems’ performance," SI Chief Executive Officer Dave Duckwitz said. "Our leak detection sensors have helped clients eliminate catastrophic water damage claims by 100%.

"Our leak detection sensor system with wireless devices, real-time monitoring, alerts, and an enterprise-grade dashboard has proven highly effective in eliminating catastrophic water damage claims," Duckwitz said. "We’re excited to work with the insurance industry to help providers and brokers reduce costly claims while providing their clients with greater risk mitigation options.

"Water damage is one of the costliest claims submitted by commercial property clients. Subsequently, commercial properties are looking for ways to reduce remediation costs and increased premiums," he said. "Our system can help your clients reduce associated costs without sacrificing the coverage or service provided. By reducing water damage risk and subsequent claims, providers, brokers, and clients experience the mutual benefits of our leak detection and monitoring system."

For more information on Sensor Industries, visit www.sensorindustries.com, or reach out to cage.englander@sensorindustries.com.