WAHVE bridges the gap between insurance firms staffing needs and vintage insurance professionals desiring to phase into retirement, what we are calling “pretirement.” Our innovative staffing approach helps “vintage” people stay productive longer and insurance firms have continued access to highly seasoned workers.

WAHVE, founded in 2010 by Sharon Emek, has a management team of industry leaders.  We currently have over 100 satisfied insurance firm clients and many more delighted wahves.

A New Alternative

WAHVE’s goal is to make hiring highly experienced, qualified insurance professionals easy and to provide vintage insurance professionals who want to “pretire” opportunity for an encore career working from home.

We leverage our process and technology to fulfill the staffing needs of insurance firms and the working needs of our vintage professionals.

Making a Difference

WAHVE’s vision is to transform how businesses, workers and society view retirement so that people and businesses benefit from longer productivity.

Our mission is to make “pretirement” from the regular workforce an opportunity for an encore career that provides balance and income and to provide businesses continued access to seasoned, highly capable professionals at a cost-savings.

For more information, visit us at www.wahve.com