State Compensation Insurance Fund

The California State Fund is a non-profit, public enterprise fund that operates like a mutual insurance carrier. Unused premium, in excess of operating expenses, claims costs and expenses, and necessary surplus are returned in the form of dividends to policyholders. State Fund has returned in excess of $4.8 billion to its policyholders since its founding--far and away the largest premium return among carriers.

State Fund employees, located in office locations throughout the state, provide full services for employers and their injured employees, and work to keep costs down. State Fund adjusters handle more than 136,000 new claims each year. Professional loss control representatives and industrial hygiene, and ergonomics specialists provide a multiplicity of services to California businesses. More than 200 employer associations offer coverage through State Fund.

By stressing financial strength and stability, offering coverage at cost, and providing required benefits promptly and fairly, State Fund has become a model for the industry and other states. Today's emphasis on customized loss control services, medical cost management and anti-fraud efforts has found a ready audience among California employers looking to get the maximum value for their workers' compensation dollar.

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