Stillwater Insurance Company

Clear, still water signifies calmness, a sense of peace. Still waters run deep, as do Stillwater's financial resources. Stillwater Insurance Group is rated A.M. Best "A- Excellent."

You can sail forward with the confidence that Stillwater Insurance Group will protect you and your assets. Founded in 2000, Stillwater Insurance Group (formerly Fidelity National Property and Casualty Insurance Group) provides peace of mind and security when you're looking to protect your home, rental properties, automobile, business and other assets.

As a leader in insurance technology, we provide real-time access to the entire process, making it easy to quote, purchase and service your policy online. Of course, we're also always available to advise you, answer your questions and quickly help you find an agent.

Operating in all 50 states, we offer protection through two A.M. Best "A- Excellent" rated insurance companies: Stillwater Insurance Company and Stillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Our other wholly-owned subsidiary, Stillwater Insurance Services, performs all policy service, processing and marketing on behalf of our two insurance companies. As your safe port in any storm, we're honored to protect where you live and what you drive.


  • Stillwater Insurance Group delivers high-quality insurance products. We succeed by setting and achieving the highest standards in service, customer experience, and claims satisfaction within the insurance industry. We are innovative in product development, delivery and service in order to create the most positive customer experiences.


  • To be the most respected insurance provider in the United States.


  • We provide innovative policy design and digital delivery.
  • We settle claims fairly and quickly with our deep financial resources.
  • We make it easy to understand your coverage and policy options.

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